Global Business Management Foundations 2nd Ed. (DIGITAL VERSION)
Despite the flattening effects of globalization, international business demonstrates huge diversity and complexity. This digital book is about understanding global business contexts, threats and opportunities, the drivers and nature of globalization, multilateral organizations, and the political, economic, social, technological, and legal differences that regions and countries exhibit. This book addresses how businesses devise strategies that work internationally, in different parts of the globe, plan entry strategies for new markets, and decide on alliances, evolution and growth.
Outsourcing- All You Need To Know (DIGITAL VERSION)
This book is the definitive guide to leveraging the external services market for business advantage. Based on 25 years of research into over 1600 organizations and advisory engagements throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa, three world authorities detail the frameworks, lessons and practices that inexorably produce high performance.
Service Level Agreements

This module provides you with the structure, methodology, templates and examples to help you successfully draft a Service Level Agreement (SLA). It begins with a discussion of how a SLA forms part of the suite of governing documents including the contract conditions. It then provides an overview of the key components of an SLA and describes each component, giving cases and examples to help clarify the intention of the techniques presented.